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Finally in Boxee!

mandag 20 december 2010 | 18:40 av Jeanette Eriksson
image 2010-12-17 15:46:34
The wait has been long, but we are now finally available through the media player Boxee and on the media box "Boxee Box by D-link". The Boxee app works on Mac, PC, Linux and Boxee Box. You easily connect the box to your flat screen TV through HDMI.

- We are incredibly proud to present this app. There are no other digital video store in the Nordic countries that can offer this to Boxee-users. It is important for us to deliever services  
where the modern movie consumer is, which makes this kind of service a must, says Peter Alvarsson, founder of Headweb.

The app is currently being tested by beta-users and is now available on As from January 10, 2011, the app will be available in Boxees App Store.
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Kommentarer (5)
App works again with firmware But the app still isn't updated for the new UI, hence it has a lot of issues. Plus all descriptions are in swedish. I hoping to have them in danish, since I am in Denmark.
Login only works on the older firmware of boxee box (pre 1.0.3.xxxxx).
Login is not working on Boxee box
Login to the heeadweb boxee app doesn't work anymore and why isn't it in the boxee app store still?
Now we just need a price cut, and things will be rosy.