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Best movie service.... again!

onsdag 17 februar 2010 | 16:05 av Andreas Vural


We're very proud to inform that we for the 4th time in a year have been appointed "Sweden's best film service". This time magazine MacWorld embraces Headweb as a service in the forefront and gave us their highest rating. The motivation says:

"Headweb is the best streaming service for movies right now with a user friendly software and lots of good features. We hope prices will decrease but as the market is today, Headweb is definately worth the highest score."


This strengthen us in our continued work for a bigger content catalogue, improving the user experience and entering new platforms.

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Anyone up for Popcorn?

onsdag 17 februar 2010 | 14:55 av Peter Alvarsson


Hello, we've been slow on updating you all with what's happened on the services lately, but we'll publish more news here in a bit with info about all new features and recent content acquisitions. But first a Quality control session with two new movies Laughing

If you're nearby, please join us - we've just received a new batch of popcorn and we'd love to share them with you!

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