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Hultsfred festival and Headweb in cooperation

fredag 13 juni 2008 | 11:00 av Peter Alvarsson

We're really proud to present a new cooperation between us and the Hultsfred music festival. We will from the 16th of June show and offer concerts from this years festival together with live recordings from the 2006 and 2007 festivals.

This means we're expanding our offerings to include live concerts and music.

Right after the concerts in Hultsfred the recordings will be made available at Headweb.com for both downloading and streaming directly in your web browser!

- This is a unique cooperation - the Hultsfred festival is Sweden's best music festival with an amazing artist lineup and visitors from the whole country. And now people who went to the festivals can re-live the memories and those that missed the festival can also enjoy the performances says Peter Alvarsson, COO of Headweb.

The performances will be made available on the 16th of June and includes acts like Babyshambles, Gnarls Barkley, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Cat5, Marit Bergman, Max Peezay, Fibes, oh Fibes, Hatebreed, Park Hotell, Slagsmålsklubben, You Say Party! We Say Die!

Headweb goes indie!

torsdag 12 juni 2008 | 06:00 av Peter Alvarsson

In order to prepare another national day: until the 4th of July, we are going to release 10 American Independant titles per week. Among these titles, you'll find interesting and exlusive films like:

Swedish Government invites Headweb to talk about filesharing and intellectual property

onsdag 11 juni 2008 | 06:00 av Peter Alvarsson

The Swedish Government decided this spring to get a grip on the file sharing question and initiated discussions with actors in the business.

Headweb, who also was active in the Renfors investigation, will take part in the discussions and talk about what is needed to create more user friendly services and business models for music and film on the Internet.

We will amongst other things talk about that DRM has no impact on piracy (piracy would decline if DRM worked, right?) and how important it is that services are user friendly and tech-netural, meaning they must work on other platforms besides Windows, e.g. Mac and Linux.

If you have some sayings or questions about this that you want us to raise on the meetings, feel free to mail us. We're listening to you and will forward the opinions to the government.

Minor bugfix update

onsdag 04 juni 2008 | 06:00 av Johan Ström
We've received a few reports about problems regarding purchases using the Headweb client, and have now released a fix for this. Updates have been released for both Windows and Mac, and will as usual be downloaded automatically if you have enabled automatic updates. We recommend everybody to download this update!

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