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Awards & Recognition
"Headweb is a very user friendly VOD-service with a wide range of movies and a lot of hd-content, and that works well on several platforms."
"Headweb has a light and lucid website without ads. The content is wide and varied, and the service works on several platforms."
Headweb was one of five nominees in the Best Media and Entertainment site-category in 2011.
"The sites social functions beats the competition and the movies can be watched on several platforms."
"Headweb is one of the smartest services we've seen when it comes to legally, cheap and painfully simple consume movies online."
"They are always on the cutting edge with features and UI - in addition, Headweb is the cheapest alternative in the test."
"Headweb is the best streaming service for movies right now, with a user friendly service and many great features."