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Preload your account and get a free movie ticket!

Friday February 08 2013 | 13:15 by Patrik Linderholm

image 2013-02-7 14:46:32

As you may know the easiest way to pay for your movies here on Headweb is to preload your account by making a deposit. By preloading your account you don't have to take out your credit card every time you want to watch a movie, and can easily control your account balance through your settings. Now we're introducing a new bonus system for those who make larger deposits to their accounts. If you insert 25 euros you'll get a free movie ticket, if you insert 50 euros you'll get three tickets, and so on. If you transfer as much as 100 euros you'll get seven movie tickets! So if you watch a lot of movies on our website, take advantage of this deal and you can watch even more!

To make a deposit, simply access your account and choose what kind of deposit you want to make and transfer the money with your credit card. It's as easy as that! So make your deposit now and enjoy a free movie afterward, for example the new comedy Ted. The tickets are valid for three months after your deposit.

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