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Headweb now available through Chromecast!

Wednesday May 07 2014 | 15:45 by Patrik Linderholm

image 2014-05-7 14:05:43

We have now launched support for Chromecast so you can easily stream from your computer to your TV with the new smart media device from Google. Adding Chromecast to our already long list of supported devices is a great step forward towards our goal of being easy available on as many devices as possible.

Currently you can only stream to your Chromecast through the Google Chrome web browser. We will add support for iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets) in future updates.

Read more about how Chromecast works with Headweb here and check out our Device page to discover all the other devices where you can use our services.

Discover Headweb on Playstation 4!

Wednesday April 30 2014 | 12:30 by Patrik Linderholm

image 2014-04-30 13:14:28

The new gaming and media device from Sony is here, and of course, Headweb isn't late to hop on the Playstation 4 train. With our newly designed web app you can easily access thousands of movies and navigate through our usual functions directly on your PS4. Just go to headweb.com in the browser of your Playstation 4 and the whole of Headweb is easily accessed – right at your fingertips. If you want to read more about Headweb on Playstation 4, click here.

And don't forget that Headweb is available on many other various devices. Check out our device page for more information about where and how you can access our services.

Keanu Reeves shows fighting spirit in directing debut

Wednesday April 23 2014 | 09:45 by Patrik Linderholm

image 2014-04-23 10:28:24

From teenage typecast to indie darling to action star. Actor Keanu Reeves' career has been a long, varied and successful one – but also hard. Ever since his breakthrough in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure he's been getting critically bashed for his dazey look and sometimes wooden performances. But he has still managed to have a multifaceted career – which now has become even more versatile with his debut as a director.

With new Man of Tai Chi, a story about a martial arts fighter and his fight for survival in the cruel world of underground fighting, Keanu Reeves makes his debut as a feature length film director. The film is a celebration to his Asian roots as well as his fascination for martial arts which he gained from filming the Matrix films.

So if you've been missing Keanu Reeves – check out new Man of Tai Chi (Reeves also stars as the film's bad guy), and see if he holds up as a director as well. Soon he can also be seen in the fantasy adventure 47 Ronin.


Carrie lives on

Thursday April 03 2014 | 14:15 by Patrik Linderholm

image 2014-04-3 15:05:22

Stephen King is one of our most well known, and not at least productive, authors who've given us many literary classics through the years, many of which have been transferred into films (The Shining, Misery, The Green Mile – the list goes on and on). In 1974, King released his debut novel Carrie, which two years later was made into a feature length film by director Brian De Palma. In this story, we follow the bullied young girl Carrie White, who is suppressed both by her classmates and her fanatic religious mother. But when she discovers her secret powers and that she can move things with her mind – nothing will no longer stand in her way (no pun intended).

Both the book and the film were a huge success, and now Carrie has been moved into the new millennium. This week marks the release of the new adaptation of King's novel – this time with Kick-Ass star Chloë Grace Moretz in the title role. Directed by the critically acclaimed Boy's Don't Cry-director Kimberly Pierce, this new version of Carrie manages to be truthful to King's story as well as updating her to today's climate.

So prepare yourself for a blood soaked night at the prom with the new Carrie, and check out the original version in case you've missed it. And if you get hungry for more Stephen King-based films, we've collected a few of them here.

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