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Raining Cats and Frogs

Perhe    |    2003    |    86 min    |   
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Forty days and forty nights of rain - the world has experienced a flood like this before and now it's happening again. The frogs, having prophesised the approaching catastrophe, attempt to warn the humans, the two adults and two children, Tom and Lili, seek refuge in a gigantic barn, a kind of improvised ark. In this incredible floating house they gather together the animals from their farm and those from the neighbouring zoo. Unfortunately, the only food available is the 28 tons of potatoes on board. Tom and Lili are confronted with the mammoth task of saving life on earth.
Raining Cats and Frogs is steeped in humanistic values and carries a beautiful and important message - and joyously became a surprise box office champion at the French box office in late 2003. A true delight! Theatrical release across Scandinavia!
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