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Three Extremes

Skrekk    |    2004    |    121 min    |   
     14 stemmer
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Fruit Chan's Dumplings serves up the incomparable Bai Ling as Aunt Mei, a dumpling sorceress with a very secret ingredient. When a desperate ex-TV star visits Mei for a dose of her dumplings (famous for their rejuvenating powers), the vain actress pays an eerie price for messing with Mother Nature.

In Cut, Park Chan-wook takes horror on a disturbingly gory ride. Lee Byung-hun plays a celebrated movie director enslaved by an extra who is positively psycho. Cut offers its hero one harrowing choice: he must kill an innocent child or witness his pianist wife's fingers cut off one by one.

In the fiendishly atmospheric Box, prolific filmmaker Takashi Miike transposes the mythic theme of sibling rivalry to a nightmarish end. Kyoko, a renowned novelist (Kyoko Hasegawa), is obsessed with visions of her dead sister and troubled by a recurring dream of being buried alive.

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