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The Bread, My Sweet

KomedieRomantikk    |    2000    |    97 min    |   
     17 stemmer
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In Italian, a good man is “a piece of bread”— plain, simple, and always welcome. Dom Pyzola is a second generation Italian-American corporate raider who has a post graduate degree, a hot car, and an inkling that he’s not a nice guy. And he’s living parallel lives! In the corporate world he is the designated asshole; in the Biscotti Company which he owns, he is a piece of bread: he takes care of his older mentally handicapped brother, and keeps a day job waiting for his brother, Eddie, an actor. He is a surrogate son to Bella, an Italian immigrant who lives above the bakery and who has been saving, dollar by dollar, for her daughter’s American wedding since the day she gave birth. The Bread, My Sweet is a love story about what happens when Dominic’s worlds collide. When he, alone, discovers that Bella has six months to live, he quits his corporate job, finds Lucca (Bella’s daughter), and tries to convince her to marry him and to stay married only for as long as her mother lives. The Bread, My Sweet is about love of family and culture — it’s about sacrifice
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Jeg likte denne filmen veldig godt! Det var godt å se Scott Baio igjen :-)
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