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The calm before the storm

torsdag 27 september 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson

The lack of news lately is due to the fact that we're very busy and also overwhelmed by all the emails we have received. We answer all though so expect us to answer soon if you haven't got a reply yet.

Service availability

lørdag 15 september 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson
Lots of comments and mails lately come from interested international friends, asking when we will launch the store and in what countries it will be available. We know many of you will get disappointed but to clarify: we will initially open the Swedish store and open up to the other Nordic countries after that.

Hear me in SR Metropol!

onsdag 12 september 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson
I'm off to a radio interview now. Tune in on SR Metropol 93,8 (in Stockholm) if you like to hear it. Or listen to the webcast at SR Metropol. Time for this is around 16:10 Swedish time (interview is also in swedish).

Keep it coming

tirsdag 11 september 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson
We've received a lot of good response on the Computer Sweden article. Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions, rants etc. The feedback makes us believe even more that we're on the right path and makes us want to create even more features and services. Your words really are fuel for our development. Keep it coming! (and yes, we should probably add a comment system to this blog).

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