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200 titles from NonStop Entertainment

fredag 29 februar 2008 | 10:00 av Peter Alvarsson

This one didn't make a blog entry when it happened so we tell you now instead.

We've signed a deal with NonStop Entertainment to provide you with all their 200+ titles in their back catalogue. This is a good step forward and means we soon will offer quality titles like Federico Fellini's , Darren Aronofsky's Requiem For a Dream, American Splendor and the Aristocrats.

Some of the titles are already showing in the store, others will be available soon.

In the press:


February Newsletter

søndag 24 februar 2008 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson

We've just sent out a first newsletter to our members. It has been long awaited and includes information about new releases and special offers.

Become a member you too to sign up for the newsletter and get updated on the latest news and releases. (Only available in Swedish at the moment).

Featured in SvD Näringsliv

søndag 24 februar 2008 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson
Adam Erlandsson at SvD published a fine report in today's SvD Näringsliv. It's about the video rental business and he predicts that the future is Video on demand (VOD) with online services ruling out the physical DVD rental market. Read it online at Headweb is mentioned in the article and we couldn't agree more with this.

Adam also notes that the illegal number of downloads hit a new record for 2007: 25 million movie downloads in Sweden. This is a huge number considering 20 million DVDs were rented and 23 million purchased in 2007. Now, what do the world need? More DRM or better legal services with larger catalogues?

Telefonsupport nere / Telephone support interruption

onsdag 06 februar 2008 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson


För närvarande har vi ett avbrott på telefonin vilket gör att telefonsupporten för tillfället inte fungerar. Telia räknar med att felet ska vara åtgärdat kl. 22.00 idag. Support via e-post ska inte störas av detta.



We currently have an interruption on the telephone lines which affects our telephone support. Maintenance is estimated to be finished at 22.00 today. Email support is not affected by this.


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