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More movies = Moving to new servers!

onsdag 29 oktober 2008 | 05:00 av Peter Alvarsson

We are currently experiencing some smaller downtimes due to a transition to a new location. The move should be short and hopefully already been made when you read this but if you experience problems with the services please let us know in the comments.

The move means we now have a bigger setup with more servers, more power, and more terabytes. All in all we're ready to grow, expand and deliver more movies to more people faster than ever.

We celebrate our fine new hardware with a 20% off on all sales tonight and tomorrow while we are sorting out possible bugs and problems in all systems. Be sure to enter "" in the shopping cart to get the discount.

Front page of

mandag 27 oktober 2008 | 05:00 av Peter Alvarsson

Headweb is featured in another fine article on the front page of It's about the slow development of online video services and the reasons for it.

I give my view on the current market and present Digital Rights Management (DRM) as one big hold-back for legal services. Not until the legal services are user friendly enough will people start using them. And that means getting rid of DRM. DRM not only locks users to a specific vendor and platform, it also makes services more difficult to use.

Continue reading here (in Swedish only)

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