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Se film i din iPhone!

mandag 15 mars 2010 | 08:47 av Peter Alvarsson

Headweb iphone app

Ok, tid for noen tilståelser...

Det har på seneste tiden gått rykter om at vi kommer med en iPhone-app, og nå kan vi opplyse om at det finnes en applikasjon på gang! Dette er første gangen vi avslører noen detaljer så værsågod.


  • Utforske utvalget
  • Se trailere
  • Leie film
  • Ranking
  • Kommentere
  • Se saldo og leiehistorikk

Vi kan også utlove noe aldeles ekstra, men det vil vi holde på en liten stund til!
Som altid er vi veldig intressert i å vite hvilke funksjoner du vil ha i applikasjonen. Skriv gjerne en kommentar hvis det er noe du savner på listen!


Headweb in 5 languages

tirsdag 09 mars 2010 | 20:13 av Peter Alvarsson


After the launch in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland it seems natural to translate the service to all local languages.

We have begun translating why you in addition to Swedish and English now can choose Norwegian, Danish and Finnish from the language selector. Please bear with us and have patience while we translate everything and correct all the errors and spelling mistakes that will pop up. If you find funny wordings or plain errors, please write to us. And if you want to help out and translate to even more languages, feel free to drop us a line in the comments or via mail.

Spelling corrections you send us earns you a free movie! :)


Headweb launches in Denmark and Finland

torsdag 04 mars 2010 | 10:43 av Peter Alvarsson

Dear friends!

We've been around in Sweden for a while and since last month also in Norway. It's time to move further and this time the luck has come to our beautiful friends in Denmark and Finland. We think they too deserve a good way of getting quality movies online. That's why we're launching in ALL Nordic countries today!

Our ambition is to become the leading movie service online and this is the beginning of international expansion. First the Nordics, then Europe and then the World! Smile

We hope you stay with us on our journey - you've already given us invaluable feedback and appreciation which we're now taking with us towards new goals and new countries.

We would forever appreciate if you send this message further to your Danish and Finnish friends. Thank you!



Updated Plex plugin

mandag 01 mars 2010 | 16:00 av Johan Ström

Plex Plugin


We released our first plugin for the Plex Mediacenter in early December. Many users have started using it and send us feedback of what to improve. We have listened and enhanced the plugin with some new cool features and improved stability you have asked for.

The update should be available as an automatic update if you have already installed it. If you want to install it for the first time, start Plex and go to App Store -> Featured and look for Headweb in the list. Press Enter and choose Install. Presto!

So, Whats new?



We have introduced a new feature called Watchlist where you can save a personal list with movies that you want to watch. So far the Watchlist has only been available on but it's now available from Plex as well.


In this new version we've introduced the possibility to change subtitle while you watch (yes, a GREAT improvement! :) )


Top list

A small change but worth mentioning: our Top list (best sellers) are now available from the Plex menu.


User interface: Norwegian

Our new Norwegian users that don't want the plugin language to be swedish or english can now choose norwegian under Plugin Language under preferences.

PS. Those of you wondering how everything progresses with other media centers: we're working hard on them but don't have any dates when we release anything.

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