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New stuff

tisdag 27 november 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson

We have a new version of the Headweb software for you! The update is available through automatic update or by downloading a new installer from This version features improved stability and is recommended for all.

This is a short list of the changes in this version:

  • Burn functionality is added (Vista users have to wait a little longer though)
  • Speed improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • Better handling of settings (they should actually work now :)
  • Small user interface improvements.

First week impressions

måndag 12 november 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson

Ok, we survived the first week and have begun to summarize both the good and less good things we have experienced.

One thing we already see is that members have downloaded all kinds of films, both popular and well known stuff but also less known titles (documentaries and fishing films) have been popular. This is really good news since we want the catalogue to include as many films and genres as possible, both old and new, mainstream and non mainstream. If you are a rights owner/producer/director and want to see your work in our catalogue, let us know.

Thanks to our early adopters we think most of the critical things in the Headweb program have been sorted out. Some Windows Vista users are still experiencing problems though why we will make another software update later this week.

Update - day 5

måndag 05 november 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson
We have just released an update to the Headweb software. It contains some bugfixes and small improvements, mainly under the hood. This is a recommended update for all and especially members that are getting crashes during login. Please download the update from

Sunday - day 4

söndag 04 november 2007 | 00:00 av Peter Alvarsson
The first opening days couldn't have gone better! We have had some smaller problems of course and some members reporting crashes but overall we think the system has behaved well! We also see that many of you have received credits (poäng) which pleases us. Keep sharing and you'll get discounts, it's really that easy.

Thank you for all feature requests and bug reports, they are most welcome! We are aiming for an update on monday which takes care of a couple of bugs and include minor improvements in the user interface, including some suggestions from you members (thanks to fuffenz, Daniel, widde, Jon_Iceland).

And from the whole Headweb team: thanks for your nice words and comments about the service, it makes us believe we are on the right path.

Välkommen till bloggen

Här hittar du information om det mesta som händer på Headweb, allt från nya roliga funktioner till recensioner, filmtips och tävlingar. Titta in så ofta du kan för att inte missa något!